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Side airbags

How do I know if I have side air bags?

It is very important that you indicate whether or not you have side impact airbags.

Side impact airbags can deploy through the forward side seam of the backrest or through a side mounted plate. To accommodate the seam deployed airbag, we sew the side with a single seam using high tensile thread designed to be durable and yet easily break from the sharp explosive deployment of the airbag.

Side airbag deployed

The accommodation area is identified with a side airbag tag sewn into the front side seam of the seat cover. Put this tagged side over the side impact airbag on your backrest.

Side impact airbags with a plate will deploy from behind the plate. The accommodations made for these side airbags will be an opening on the side of the backrest around the deployment plate.

Many of our patterns have side impact airbags accommodations as an option. To avoid a mistake due to confusion or misunderstanding, any pattern with seam deployed airbags as an option will be made with side impact airbag accommodations whether the customer has indicated side impact airbags or not!

The seam accommodations will not affect the fit, looks or durability of the cover and the only indication that the accommodations are there will be the airbag tag (which can be easily cut off if desired).

If you have ordered seat covers and suspect you do have side impact airbags and did not indicate this on your order, do not install your covers, contact us immediately.